the bald

Recently I made a pilgrimage through the southeast (you’ll have to check back in the coming months to hear more about it…I know! What suspense!), and on this trip I made a stop at Rumbling Bald, a brilliant sea of gneiss as stout and beautiful as the best cup of coffee you’ve even tasted. While the access was originally thought to be secure, recent alerts from the Access Fund have noted otherwise. Help protect this area for future climbing (seriously, it’s badass), and visit the Access Fund’s Chimney Rock State Park advocacy page here. You can sign a petition that will help secure the endangered areas for future climbers (and preservation of so much history).

In the meantime, here’s some photos. They’re not at “the Bald,” as locals call it, but they are in North Carolina. So…that’s close enough. Check ‘em out. Preciate cha!

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