what we have here

Chattanooga has a certain sleepy feel about it. ¬†It’s slowness, and dawdling tempo is most present in the winter when the leaves are down and cold, rainy days rolling in two at a time. In these moments, time seems to suspend in the air before you. I didn’t used to like these days, but it’s something that I’ve grown to love. It’s that brief moment just before colors are brighter and everything seems to shine.

This winter has been a mishmash of work, being sick and climbing here and there. I have spent a good part of 2012 on the couch with, first, and upper respiratory infection that I couldn’t kick and, second, a minor cold that came for a wonderful surprise follow-up visit.

Being sick is lame and unnerving not just because of the symptoms that cripple you with a lashing and harsh sentence on the couch, but also because it’s a reminder that we are fragile. That¬†something we can’t even see with a naked eye can put such a vicious hurt on us.

You can’t always be in top form and those constant reminders — sickness, injury, weather, work –might suck at first sight, but they open up the opportunity to see things in a different light. How bright and colorful our winter can be.

When I have been able to get out, I tried to take advantage of Matt’s camera to take photos of some of my favorite places and things around town. And, of course, climbing. Here are a few we took so far in 2012.

Sunset Park, a mere five minutes drive from my house (or 5-ish mile run straight uphill):

What used to be the Discoteca, a bar/pool table lounge, has turned into an urban tagging experiment:

The bridges that lead you to downtown and back, and the designs in them:

Walking on Frazier Street in North Shore:


Climbing in Rocktown:

Surprisingly green growths in the winter woods:

Bridges that lead to miles and miles (and miles and miles) of trails:


And more climbing at Dayton…

Matt sending!

Patrick getting psyched!